The following are the most common questions parents asked. If you have further questions, our hand book is very thorough, and many questions you might have will be answered there.

  1. Can our infant use cloth diapers?
    A: While we wish to support parents' choices regarding the environment, cost efficiency etc. we are unable to use cloth diapers in the centre. We do not have the space to store soiled diapers, and past experience has taught us that it is more difficult to control the spread of disease using cloth in a group facility.
  2. Do you provide part-time care?
    A: We do not have a part-time fee scale. Parents paying the full time fee are welcome to use the space part-time.
  3. Do you take the babies on outings?
    A: We do not take the infants out of the centre. We have a generous play yard with equipment and materials that are age appropriate, and allow the infants to explore their outdoor environment in ways that are safe and non-restrictive.