Our care giving philosophy is based on "respect" and is centered on four points:

  1. Consistency and security
  2. Personal care
  3. Independent exploration
  4. Infant-infant interaction
In a RIE-influenced program relationships and care giving are the curriculum. We believe learning takes place in every aspect of the infant's day. Infants are free to move and explore about the playroom. The environment is arranged daily, with the needs of the individual infant, and the larger group, in mind. Outdoor play is part of the program every day. Activities such as music and water play occur throughout the day when it is appropriate to the group. Emphasis is on discovery rather than teaching.

We do share some 'ordinary moments' with our families, on a regular basis, through pictures and pedagogical narration.

We encourage you to read our handbook for further information regarding our care giving routines, and centre policies.